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We are independent assessors and consultants for the indoor environment. We are able to measure and document many parameters of a building's indoor environmental condition.


These include locating and measuring moisture content (in the air and in building materials) identifying contaminants (VOCs, SVOCs, MVOCs*, mold, fire residues, etc.) particulate (size and concentration), and recommending methods and technologies to best improve the quality of the air in our homes and businesses.



*Volatile Organic compounds, Semi-Volatile Organic compounds, Microbial Volatile Organic compounds



WHAT's NEW September 2022

What Are Some Solutions/Options For Air Fresheners

An objective of air fresheners is to give an extra pleasurable interior atmosphere: to give a fragranced mixture right into the air or to mask an existing air quality problem. That a majority of the population, in lots of countries, utilize air fresheners is an indicator of their appeal as well as their desired impacts. Nevertheless, the use of air fresheners can include unexpected effects and threats to the interior setting and also human wellness.

If an interior environment has undesired smells, after getting rid of the resource, remedying the cause, or increasing airflow (such as opening a home window or using an exhaust fan) may assist to remove the source of the smells, yet without utilizing an air freshener to mask the smell. However, remaining to utilize air fresheners however raising mechanical air flow to lower contaminant levels might not be optimal, as the air freshener exhausts can be dispersed to various other parts of the structure or outdoors, along with prospective higher power usage and also costs.

Using an air freshener can develop or worsen interior air quality trouble by including a chemical mixture in the air. A scent in a product is not meant to clean up the air or reduce air contaminants. Although some air fresheners make claims of being able to get rid of odors, decontaminate the air, or minimize allergens, these cases might not be feasible to verify. When makers of these items were gotten in touch with, none were able to offer any type of data, research studies, or various other info to validate their air freshener claims. Action from the business was that the information asked for was either private or exclusive.

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